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Essential Examination has been comprehensively revised and new sections added: * Neonatal - the 'baby check' * Female genitalia * Digital rectal examination * GALS screening * Foot and ankle * Elbow * Critically ill patient * Confirming death The new edition retains the unique format and approach of the original. * Clear step-by-step guides to each examination including useful things to say to the patient (or an examiner) detailed descriptions of special tests etc. * In a separate column is a collection of key information: potential findings differential diagnoses of clinical signs and practical tips. * On the following pages there are facts relating to that particular examination and in many sections there are also tips on how to present your findings succinctly - a skill which is crucial to master for exam success. If you are learning how to examine patients or preparing for an OSCE then you need Essential Examination Student thoughts on the second edition: 'This book is an absolute must for any final year.' 'I LOVE this book - it has all the key examinations with each fitting on a single double page spread.' 'Best preparation for OSCEs. Learn to do these steps within the time limits and you will pass ' 'Pretty much THE essential textbook for clinical examinations for all medical students.'