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Eerste kwaliteit Cuba: A Revolution in Motion (Paperback) by Saney Isaac r2aNeZ1b

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Starting with the crisis confronting Cuba following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end to its support this introduction to the country today describes the economic crash new policies and subsequent recovery during the Special Period of the 1990s and the deterioration in US-Cuban relations following the election of George W. Bush and September 11. Departing from the stereotypes of a totalitarian regime the author analyses the democratic elements of national policy and planning structures. There is extensive popular participation despite the hegemonic control of the ruling party and Fidel Castro's dominance for over four decades. Cuba has made progress in reducing inequality particularly of Afro-Cubans and women and has avoided many of the social problems besetting the rest of Latin America. It demonstrates that it is possible to pursue radical development policies offering a practical and humane alternative to the neoliberal economic model being foisted on other developing countries. The looming issue however is how much of the Cuban socialist model will survive Fidel Castro's ultimate departure from the political scene.