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Eindstijl Farewell Innocence by Glynne-Jones William WVDaNRwp

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'A world of green: a new and weird world of grim dark shadows and frenzied activity; of conflicting sounds varying from the roar and thunder of overhead gantries the sharp shrill staccato beat of automatic hammers to the echoing ring of steel upon steel and the hollow wheezing and thumping of the hydraulic moulding machines'.Starting as an apprentice at Bevan's foundry Ieuan Morgan enters a new and testing world. His colleagues soon turn out to be his tormentors while life at home is not without its challenges. It is hard for the young man to sustain his dreams of one day being a writer and of a better world. Things have to get worse before getting better so unemployment casts its long shadow over the town. But the lay-offs give the gifted Ieuan time to read and think and on a visit to the fair to meet Sally a gentle consumptiveyoung woman from the wrong side of the tracks.With this his destiny changes course. Written with a deep authenticity born from bitter experience William Glynne-Jones depicts life in the fictional town of Abermor and especially the daily grind of foundry life in a workplace fraught with dangers. Farewell Innocence is a heartfelt and affecting account of a young man's rites of passage in hard times.