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Nieuwe stijl Georgia (Paperback) by Pearse Lesley FJlRi6U0

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When nine-year-old orphan Georgia James is unexpectedly fostered by the kindly Celia and her bank manager husband she can hardly believe her luck. But then - on her fifteenth birthday - she suffers the cruellest betrayal of all at the hands of her foster father and is forced to run away leaving everything she loves behind her. Penniless sleeping rough Georgia is soon introduced to the sleazy Soho world of brassy strippers sweat shops camaraderie and hardship. Fired by a fierce ambition blessed with an extraordinary voice her long struggle for fame and fortune begins. But even when she reaches the top she finds that the scars of the past can open up to ruin her...Steeped in atmosphere and raw emotion Georgia is the story of a determination to succeed against all the odds and of a burning first love.