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Stabiele kwaliteit The Empress (Paperback) by Clothier Meg BkNuIDCL

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  • 1430 aantal op voorraad


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This is a sweeping historical novel set in Constantinople at the time of the Crusades. Constantinople 1179 Princess Agnes of France is thirteen when she marries the heir to Byzantium and empire unmatched in wealth power - and glamour. But once she sets foot in the Queen of Cities a decadent world where dazzling luxury masks unspeakable cruelty she realises that her husband has mighty enemies and treacherous allies. As emperors rise and fall Agnes learns to play the City's game - until she falls for a handsome rebel and finds that love is the most perilous game of all. Glittering parties in marble palaces soon give way to bloody revolution shipwreck and exile and Agnes discovers there is no limit to what she will do to survive. But only when crusading knights from her homeland attack the City does she finally understand what is truly worth fighting for.