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Stabiele kwaliteit The Possibilities (Paperback) by Hemmings Kaui Hart aP445Q3y

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'Like the wonderful Anne Tyler Hemmings writes witty immersive immensely readable and deeply humane fiction about entirely believable characters.' (Metro). Sarah St. John is reeling. Her twenty-two year old son Cully has been killed in an avalanche and much as she'd like to be left alone to grieve quietly no one will let her. Her father a retired shopping channel addict has moved into her basement. Her best friend a divorce who always manages to say the wrong thing has become something of a life-coach. And then there's Cully's father whose sudden re-emergence in Sarah's life stirs a cauldron of emotions. Just as Sarah is ready to face the world a girl called Kit appears on her doorstep. And she's got a secret that will change all their lives forever.