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The Big Plug is Peter Grenville's debut children's book containing a strong environmental message that will encourage young readers to respect plants and the much-maligned spider. In the book the world is getting hotter as a result of the two-legs (humans) burning too much oil creating a big blanket around Earth that threatens all living things. All around the world trees flowers and plants are dying. Dave a cherry tree and his fellow plants need a plan but they don't know where to turn. A year passes and the plants grow increasingly desperate. They are ready to give up until help arrives unexpectedly in the form of a huge menacing spider and his loyal army. The spider says he has a plan to save the world but the plan will involve hard work pain - and some deaths. The plants team up with the spiders to save the world from destruction. In a climactic ending with many twists readers are kept guessing. Will the spiders' plan work? And will any of the plants survive their attempt to save the world?Peter Grenville's story will raise awareness of the environmental damage that humans are causing and influence young readers to protect the environment as it brings the everyday garden to life. Inspired by Roald Dahl and Charles Dickens The Big Plug will appeal to readers aged 5 years and over.