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Hurricanes tsunamis earthquakes typhoons - we watch in horror before springing into action with aid and support shocked again and again by the destructive power of the earth. Except these disasters aren't only the earth's doing they are ours too. Why did no one consider that a tsunami could disable the nuclear power plants in Fukushima? Why did so many die when Katrina flooded New Orleans? Not so long ago we could only focus on rescuing and sheltering survivors - now we can anticipate many natural disasters and plan for them. In dozens of cities around the world we're able to identify the specific buildings that will be shaken apart blown down or reduced to rubble. Yet every year thanks to politics and inertia we fail to act. Traversing continents and history Robert Muir-Wood blends gripping storytelling with scientific insights to detail our efforts to tame the most extreme forces of nature. At the frontlines the predictive powers of new technologies mean we can foresee a future where there is an end to the pain and destruction wrought by these devastating cataclysms. As The Cure for Catastrophe makes clear we have an extraordinary opportunity before us - to make the decisions about what we build where we live and how warnings are communicated that could save millions of lives.