Valuta : 
This book was written to address an important gap that exists in martial arts training. The gap is the space or dirty ground that lives between sport and combat techniques; that is when you need to control a person without severely injuring him (or her). Techniques in this space are called 'drunkle' named after your drunken uncle at the family gathering who needs to be escorted away before he hurts somebody or vice versa. This space reveals itself all too often when friends family good Samaritans crime watchers and certain types of muggings or robberies get physical. Understand that using the Iron Hammer Fist Punch you learned in karate class will probably put your uncle in the hospital; make your friend your enemy for life; or give the thug who 'only' wanted your wallet a chance to sue you for all you're worth. This is not to be taken lightly since you will probably get thrown in jail for excessive force. Know the three environments: SPORT DRUNKLE and COMBAT. Understanding these three environments is vital because what is considered appropriate use of force is codified in law yet interpreted in the public arena and actions that do not accommodate these rules can have severe repercussions. Martial art techniques must be adapted to best fit the situation you find yourself in. This book is style agnostic. The author's analyze 30 fundamental strikes kicks and locks and present 12 well-known sport competition forms modified for each of the three vital environments: SPORT DRUNKLE and COMBAT. Be smart. Know how to adapt to a situation.